Restaurant & Bars Point of Sale Solutions by Simple Swipes

No matter the size, concept, or ambitions of your restaurant, Simple Swipes provides a POS platform tailored to your needs.

From fine dining and quick service to food trucks, casual dining, and bars & nightclubs, customize your POS system to enhance your operations.

Restaurant & Bars Point of Sale System in Gulf Breeze, FL

POS Features

Whatever your restaurant's scope, we offer a POS platform that aligns with your goals.

Online Reservations

Easily accept and manage online reservations with a user-friendly interface integrated into your customized POS system.


Allow customers to pay their bills directly from their mobile devices. Integrate a mobile loyalty program through the same app to increase customer engagement.

Tableside Ordering

Enhance service efficiency with Tableside Ordering. Servers can enter orders directly at the table through a custom app, sending requests straight to the kitchen or bar.

Menu Setup

Instantly add and modify menu items using a straightforward interface. Fully customize your menu with unlimited items, categories, choice sets, and modifiers.

Upgrade Your Restaurant POS System with Simple Swipes

Contact Simple Swipes Merchant Services to elevate your restaurant's Point of Sale system.

Online & Mobile Ordering

Offer a seamless ordering experience with a customized, branded online menu integrated with your POS system, ensuring consistency across all ordering platforms.

Employee Management

Manage a comprehensive employee database. Track hours, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, assess sales performance, and control security levels.

E-Gift Cards

Boost customer retention and cash flow by offering e-gift cards through your website. Design them to match your restaurant's branding, supported by Simple Swipes' expert team.

Customer Database

Efficiently access customer order histories and contact details. Analyze sales trends and identify valuable customers to enhance loyalty programs and other incentives.

Flexible Pricing

Quickly implement manual comps, coupons, and automatic discounts. Set up special pricing for events like happy hours or late-night offers, adjustable by time and discount type.

Order Entry/Ticketing

Streamline order management with features that allow ticket transfers, table changes, split checks, item adjustments, and more, including gratuity and tax handling.

Payment Processing for Restaurants

Consult with our experts to enhance your restaurant's payment processing system.

Menu Setup

Create/modify menu items instantly with a user-friendly interface, offering limitless customization of items, categories, choice sets, and modifiers.

Internal Messaging

Facilitate direct communication with your team using daily messages on the login screen for promotions, greetings, or updates.

Bar Tabs

Enable patrons to open tabs, promoting increased spending and boosting your business revenue.

Table Tracking

Manage table availability and occupancy to optimize your dining space and service.

Fresh Sheet

Monitor inventory in real time, track item portions, and receive alerts when supplies are low.

Frequently Asked Questions - Point of Sale

A group of credit card Transactions approved in a day, typically settled daily.

Daily batching is essential to minimize processing costs.

This indicates the credit card company does not approve the transaction.  Do not force declined transactions; instead, request an alternate payment method.

Funds from credit card sales are transferred within one to two business days after batching.

A fraudulent transaction is an unauthorized or illegal activity involving the use of payment instruments or financial systems, typically for the purpose of obtaining money, goods, or services without proper consent or authorization from the account holder.

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